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About me

Psychologist and best-selling author, Kelly Weekers (born in 1989), was crowned Miss Holland in 2011. At the time, she made the decision to pivot her career path at the peak of her career. This decision came after experiencing the negative implications of the modelling industry, when Kelly chose to forge a career in her true passion, Psychology. 

As a child, Kelly was already intrigued by why people act the way they do. “I was, and still am an introvert and always observing others,” Kelly explains. Her interest in human behaviour led her to choose a bachelor’s degree in Psychology and Neuroscience followed by a master’s degree in Clinical and Health Psychology in 2011. She started working as a psychologist. “I gained loads of experience in no time, mostly treating people with burnouts, panic disorders, anxiety and depression. And I noticed I quickly got them the results they were looking for. I’m empathetic, but my coaching style is also straightforward and no-nonsense. 

Therapy can sometimes be a bit like a comfortable blanket and is supposed to be life-changing. Clients get an overkill of daily routines that take hours and are therefore not feasible. Taking small steps everyday and offering perspective is more my style. You don’t have to change absolutely everything and immediately. Just work on that 1% everyday”

Kelly helps her clients to choose themselves and by that take back control of their lives. “The tips and tricks I used for people with burnout symptoms or who were suffering from depression also proved useful in my own life. Because of course, I too can feel stressed or have a bad day.” She compiled all her insights into the book Happy Life 365 in 2018 (a manual to mindful living). A year later, the sequel Happy Lifehacks 365 was published. Both books became bestsellers. “Common sense is not common practice. We all know it’s healthy to go to the gym and to eat plenty of vegetables, but we don’t always feel like doing it. I try to motivate people to take small, attainable steps to become happier. Steps that everyone can understand and fit into their busy schedules”. 

Her latest book launched in 2022; The Power of Choice – a personal memoir organically blended with expert advice to empower readers in the power of their personal choices.  The Power of Choice became an instant bestseller and it was charted in the top three most sold non-fiction books of 2022 in the Netherlands. After continued success, Kelly went on to found her own publishing house in 2022 to help raise the voices of other experts. 

Kelly distinguished herself as one of Europe’s leading psychology experts, a regular spokesperson in the international media and TV panellist on the topic of mental health and authenticity. She’s a mother to two young children, recently moved to Ibiza where she is boldly creating a new vision and life path for her family, one that is authentic to her.

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