The Power of Choice

In The Power of Choice, her most personal book to date, bestselling Dutch author (>200,000 sold copies), psychologist, and former model Kelly Weekers invites readers into her private life and shares her thoughts on friendship, ambition, parenting, love, loss, self-esteem, and more. The book feels like a nice chat with a good friend: without telling you what to do, Kelly helps you explore how to make your own right choices and take back control of different aspects of your life.

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Happy Life 365

Happy Life 365 is about acquiring a no-nonsense mindset for a joyous life. Broaching topics like self-confidence, health, friendships, work, relationships, and social media, Kelly shares her simple and effective ways to better deal with negativity, stress, and worries. It’s a no-nonsense light read, about how you can create joy by letting go of things you do not control and taking control where you can. It teaches you to care less about the opinions of others, to say “no” more often to things you dislike, to accept that failure is part of life, and that you are not perfect and don’t need to be. Furthermore, it contains valuable advice for how to invest in the things you want in life and to stop focusing on what you don’t have. The book contains all sorts of practical exercises, examples, step-by-step plans, quotes, and tips and tricks for a happier life.

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