“We attribute failure to our incompetence, even though it’s actually because you’re asking too much of yourself,” says Kelly Weekers, a psychologist and the author of Choosing Me.


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The real reason we all have burnout, according to celebrity psychologist Kelly Weekers.



Psychologist Kelly Weekers Shares Her Advice for Living Authentically.



“Expecting too much from myself or others during this time of year mostly creates disappointments and is a breeding ground for stress’, said Kelly Weekers, a psychologist and bestselling author in Europe.


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Celebrity psychologist and author Kelly Weekers shares simple practices that can give you a brighter outlook on life.

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’You can create lovely friendships with those who understand you as an HSP and know your strength”, advises Weekers.

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‘Choosing me’ is one of the best personal development books: a must read!


Psychologist Kelly Weekers On Residing Authentically.

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First things first, “being an introvert doesn’t mean you’re antisocial,” Kelly Weekers explains.


Kelly Weekers notes there are four domains where most people struggle in their lives: health and well-being, work and career, love and relationships, and personal issues.

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‘According to Psychologist and best-selling author of Happy Life 365, Kelly Weekers, the best way to cope with SAD during the colder months is to slow down and give yourself some grace. “Learn to listen to your inner voice.”‘

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The real reason we all have burnout, according to celebrity psychologist Kelly Weekers.


The masterclass How to be You with the bestselling author and psychologist Kelly Weekers will help you tap into your true self and uncover your authenticity in an accessible and potentially life-changing way.

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‘Here’s how to deal with regret, says psychologist Kelly Weekers.’

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Psychologist and bestselling author Kelly Weekers cites influencer marketing as the reason why we’ve started conflating having fun and happiness.

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Choosing Me published in roundup of best self development books today


Thankfully, society is changing and while celebrities and influencers are still impacting people’s perceptions of how they want to look, more people and brands are advocating more realistic beauty standards, says Kelly Weekers, psychologist and author who specialises in harnessing your authenticity.

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Psycholoog en schrijfster Kelly Weekers verhuisde zelf met haar gezin naar Ibiza. “Thuis is waar je je thuis voelt en dat kan op veel plekken zijn.”

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“People with weather phobia can experience extreme stress triggered by the weather,” psychologist and author Kelly Weekers tells Stylist.


Understand that this time of year is a slog for everyone. Kelly Weekers, a psychologist and best-selling author.


From my experience of working 1:1 with clients, many of them suffered from something I would call ‘Christmas anxiety'”, says Kelly Weekers, a psychologist and author of Happy Life 365

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 “I refuse to fall for the expectation-versus-reality trap,” said Kelly Weekers, a psychologist and bestselling author in Europe.

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‘Christmas anxiety is a common problem, and this is how you tackle it according to psychologist Kelly Weekers.’

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Kelly was interviewed on JJ Stenhouse’ The Alchemy 1.01 Show about Kelly’s personal story and books, as well as encouraging readers that we all have the power of choice in our own lives despite our circumstances.

Stylist UK

‘People with weather phobia can experience extreme stress triggered by the weather, says psychologist Kelly Weekers.’

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Being realistic about January and appreciating it for what it is (dark, cold and quiet) will mean it doesn’t put any extra pressures on your relationship. Understand that this time of year is a slog for everyone. Kelly Weekers, a psychologist and best-selling author.

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In deze reset issue spreken we psycholoog en bestsellerauteur Kelly Weekers (34) die haar eigen reset beleeft. Ze zit midden in de omvorming van haar nationale bedrijf tot een internationaal bedrijf en heeft een keuze gemaakt waar menigeen van droomt; haar gezin en haar hele leven verhuisd naar het befaamde eiland Ibiza.


“If you are reflective at the end of your day and focus on the right things and what you want and what you’re proud of, it really takes you far in life. Taking positive lessons or thoughts into your subconscious is really important.

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Kelly is talking about the key to succes, finding the right partner, the importance of your inner circle and the number 1 hack that will change your life!