The Coaching

Moonshot Coaching helps you to bring out the best in yourself and achieve your company’s full potential. Kelly and Moniek will show you how! 


"These two amazing women openly share their knowledge, experiences, and tools. They share the ups and downs of running their own business and being a woman. They do this for a shared purpose: To get the best out of yourself as well as your company. Foundation, bold ambition and perseverance help the process. But the most important thing is that you must believe in yourself and your capabilities. I now know I can choose happiness and be successful in my career."
Laurien van Unen
"I was skeptical, and it was an investment, but the result was worth it. It was outside my comfort zone, but it resulted in something hugely within my comfort zone. It's bizarre, sometimes I still can't believe how incredibly easy it is. To my coaches, thank you. You rock!"
Larissa Kapnissakis
"As an entrepreneur, you sometimes get stuck in a certain pattern. Kelly and Moniek give you that extra push you need so that you have the guts to change. And now that I know that this method works, I get to be motivated and enjoy my work every day. That has given me more focus than ever."
Marije Kromkamp