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Here is something to remind yourself, a quote that I loved and a question to ask yourself for this week…

Something to remind yourself…

In my opinion one of the best examples of the difference between an introvert and an extravert comes from Simon Sinek. He describes: “An introvert
wakes up in the morning with 5 coins. Every social interaction they spend a coin. At the end they are depleted. An extravert wakes up with no coins. Every social interaction they gain a coin. At the end they feel rich.”

For years I thought something was wrong with me feeling akward in and drained after being in social settings. Took me quite some time to figure out that there’s nothing wrong with me, I’m just introverted.


Understanding who you really are helps you live a more balanced life. It doesn’t matter if you’re an introvert or an extravert, it matters to do whatever works for you if you want to live a fulfilling life. Happiness isn’t the result of always doing what you want but it’s the result of always staying true to yourself in whatever you do.


Flip open your calendar and look at the things you did last week, both work and personal. From the time you get up until you go to bed.Categorize all these activities under the heading of energy giver or energy guzzler. For example, “sports”. Maybe you hate sports and find it a total energy guzzler. Maybe you love sports and it costs you physical energy, but gives you a lot of mental energy. Then it is an energy-giver. Break it down. So it is not so much a question of whether it costs you physical energy (like a walk with the dog) but how much energy something gives or costs you mentally. Think about that appointment with your in-laws, a party with friends, cleaning your house, your work, that Netflix night, your sleep: does it cost you energy or does it give you energy? Everything you do gets a spot on the list energy-giver or energy-eater. Where exactly do you stay with the 24 hours in your day and the 168 hours in your week, and is there some balance in that? The better you understand yourself the better you understand what gives you energy and what doesn’t. You choose what you spend your time on. Choose wisely!

A quote that I loved…

You always win when you spread kindness in silence. Karma listens even when no one else does.

Case Kenny

A question to ask yourself…

What are 10 small things in your day that make you happy? What would happen if you would pay more attention to these things and you would spend less time focusing your attention on things you dislike about your day?

Have an amazing week!